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  • Liquid Biopsy is a non-invasive method with the potential to dramatically improve the patient’s survival while yielding targeted therapy. The enumeration of rare circulating cells, shed by the tumor into the blood stream, is a useful tool to monitor treatment response and/or disease progression.
    AxonDx’s nCyte™ platform is a transformational imaging and rare cell detection technology with the ability to detect circulating tumor cells and other rare cells at very low concentrations with high specificity. Once a sample is labeled with one of our nPAC™ CRC IF Staining Kits and placed on a slide, the nCyte™ platform rapidly scans and identifies the fluorescent cells of cancerous characteristics and records their positions within one micrometer on the slide. The scanner then returns to each suspicious cell location and records a high-resolution, multi-channel picture.
    This nCyte™ platform along with liquid biopsy offers a new rare cell detection system.