• Advanced Optical Scanner

    • simple & intuitive operation
    • rapid enumeration and analysis
    • small footprint (25” x 16”)
    • Scans all cells in a blood sample using an advanced optical scanner



  • Digital Pathology Software

    • high resolution image output
    • simple and intuitive interface
    • offers the opportunity for morphological and molecular characterization of CTCs and other rare cells
    • offers the opportunity for identifying molecular changes during treatment
  • The proximity ligation technology (PLA) is based on two primary antibodies targeting the protein(s) of interest. These antibodies will be recognized by a pair of secondary antibodies conjugated to oligonucleotides, which can form a DNA circle when bound in close proximity. After enzymatic activation and ligation, the DNA is amplified by rolling circle amplification. Then, the amplified DNA is detected by fluorophore-labelled detection probes, which hybridize to the complementary sequence. The reaction products can be visualized as distinct spots under a fluorescent or confocal microscope.

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