Timely selec­tion of the most effec­tive ther­apy saves treat­ment costs, pro­longs life­time of the patient, and improves his/her qual­ity of life !



The Blood-based Biopsy Tests (BBB) are based on the mol­e­c­u­lar detec­tion of Cir­cu­lat­ing Tumor Cells (CTCs) as a mea­sure of ther­apy effi­cacy and recur­rence of can­cer. The pres­ence, abundance and molecular char­ac­ter­is­tics of CTCs are ana­lyzed by immunofluorescense staining and automated image analysis and by quan­tifi­ca­tion of RNA biomarkers spe­cific for each type of cancer. A comprehensive, fast, most accurate, near-patient CTC detection, enumeration and molecular characterization system will be offered. A test for the detection and enumeration of Circulating Endothelial Cells (CECs) allows for investigating the damaging effect of several diseases on the vascular epithelium and its diagnostic impact. Another test detects Circulating Stromal Cells (CSCs) which are indicative for endometrial diseases. CSCs are a potential diagnostic target.

Most of OncoLab's Dx4U tests are in vitro diagnostic tests and are CE-IVD marked. Modified versions of the test will be available for research applications (RUO marked).

First products for the detection of CTCs, CECs, and CSCs will be launched in 2020.


Our BBB tests pro­vide reli­able information

   »   to stop inef­fec­tive treat­ment early on, avoid­ing unnec­es­sary side effects which are a heavy bur­den for the patient;

   »  to choose an alter­na­tive, more effec­tive therapy;

   »  to detect can­cer relapse ear­lier than any other cur­rently avail­able method, enabling ear­li­est pos­si­ble onset of treatment.


All Blood-based Biopsy Tests are non-​invasive and rely on novel con­cepts ensur­ing unprece­dented sen­si­tiv­i­tiy and speci­ficity. This has already been demon­strated for breast cancer and ovar­ian cancer. These tests will be pro­vided for breast can­cer, ovar­ian can­cer, endome­trial can­cer, cer­vi­cal can­cer, col­orec­tal can­cer, and lung cancer.


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