GANNET53 — A drug strat­egy tar­get­ing sta­bilised mutant p53 to fight metasta­tic platinum-​resistant ovar­ian cancer

Euro­pean project no. 602602 — 18 con­sor­tium part­ners from Aus­tria, Bel­gium, France and Germany

GANNET53 (Ganete­spib in metasta­tic, p53 mutant, platinum-​resistant ovar­ian can­cer) is a FP7 research project funded by the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion. The project started in Octo­ber 2013 and aims at improv­ing prog­no­sis and qual­ity of life in platinum-​resistant, p53 mutant ovar­ian can­cer patients. The project is planned for 5.5 years with a fund­ing of 6 mil­lion Euros.

Onco­Lab Diag­nos­tics is leader of work­pack­age 6 “Com­pan­ion Diag­nos­tics” and has taken over the admin­is­tra­tive project management.


Strips Diag­nos­tics — Devel­op­ment of test kits for dis­ease diag­no­sis based on test strip technology

Grant received from the ERP fund /​AWS — Aus­tria Wirtschaftsser­vice for the Strips Diag­nos­tics project no. P0803239-​PTK01

Project dura­tion: 2012

OncoTest — Inno­v­a­tive blood test for ear­lier can­cer detection

Grant pro­vided by the Aus­trian Research Pro­mo­tion Agency (FFG) for the OncoTest project no. 835445

Project dura­tion: 2012 to 2013


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